Dr Javad at Bio Pharma Asia Convention 2017

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Dr Javad Feizabadi was a speaker at the recent Bio Pharma Asia Convention 2017 held in Singapore from 21 to 23 March 2017. Dr Feizabadi gave a talk on “Nascent Markets and Supply Chain Development (Bio, Nano and ICT technologies)”. His talk was based on an ongoing research project in high-tech industry, nascent market and its supply chain development. The theme of the conference was ‘Innovation, Commercialization, Access’. The conference was well attended by participants from multinationals and local pharmaceutical companies. Biopharma as one of the areas of biotech is relevant to nascent markets and their supply chain development. Dr Feizabadi’s talk touched on how entrepreneurial firms can construct a nascent market while facing high level of ambiguity and how supply chain decisions can be made by new tech start-ups, in such an ambiguous environment, to mitigate the challenges.