Dr. Phadnis Presented Research on Apparel Supply Chains

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Dr. Shardul Phadnis presented his research on end-to-end supply chain strategies in the apparel industry at the Industry Studies Conference in Washington, DC on May 26, 2017. The work he presented advances his existing research on end-to-end apparel supply chains by considering the case of omnichannel retailing. A few takeaways from this work are as follows: The optimal end-to-end strategies can consist of sourcing and distribution strategies that may not seem optimal when considered in isolation. In addition, the omnichannel environment increases the complexity of supply chain planning as the product availability in one channel (e.g., store vs. online) can influence the demand in the other. Thus, the number of stores can influence the demand from the online or omnichannel setting. As a result of this added complexity, retailers need to take a systematic approach for sourcing and allocating goods with omnichannel retailing.