PhD Winter Academy 2017

Date : 9th January – 23rd January 2017
Venue : Malaysia Institute For Supply Chain Innovation


PhD Winter Academy 2017

MISI’s PhD Winter Academy 2017 program was held from 9th to 23rd January 2017. A total of 14 PhD students and junior faculty members, representing seven countries and three continents, attended the program. The program is unique as it brings together a small and focused group of doctorate students, faculty members and prominent scholars, from around the world, to interact and exchange ideas on operations and supply chain management (OM/SCM).

Based on the feedback from the participants, the program was helpful for them to learn about the latest research in the field of OM/SCM and get some feedback on their research work. The event comprised of lectures, discussions, presentations, industrial visit and cultural visit. The interactive and thought-provoking nature of the program was appreciated by all participants. The range of topics that were covered and discussed within the two weeks of the program were: the supply chain and operations management in nascent markets and nascent firm as compared to established firm and established market; inventory management and control in a dynamic setting and future trends of inventory and capacity as distributed inventory and capacity and its implications for managing the supply chain; facility location and combinatorial optimization under a complex supply chain context.

Three well-known scholars namely Prof. Nitin Joglekar (Boston University), Prof. Chelsea White (Georgia Tech) and Prof. Mozart Menezes (Kedge Business School) covered the above three topics. The next PhD Winter Academy is scheduled for January 2018 and we look forward to having another exciting and interactive learning environment for PhD students in the field of OM/SCM.

At MISI, we are truly committed to advance the knowledge boundary and provide meaningful insight for practitioners in OM/SCM. MISI would like to thank the professors, the participants, all those who worked towards making this event a success.

Watch comments from Professor Nitin Joglekar from Questrom School of Business, Boston University. Prof Joglekar delivered a lecture on Entrepreneurial / Innovative Operations and Supply Chains during the 2017 PhD Winter Academy

Watch comments from Professor Mozart Menezes from Kedge Business School. Prof. Mozart delivered a lecture on Mathematics of Facility Location: An Introduction to Combinatorial Optimization during the 2017 PhD Winter Academy