Jim Rice’s Visit to MISI

Education Series

Jim Rice
Deputy Director of MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL)
Jim Rice
21-23 October

Jim Rice, Deputy Director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL) visited MISI October 21-23 for an immersion education series with MISI graduate students and engagement with faculty and staff. During his time on campus, Jim taught 5 different classes and participated in project review sessions in several classes.
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Jim_Rice_cropped“The classroom engagement with the MISI students was exceptional. I was
thoroughly impressed with their very active engagement, and incisive
contributions. These students are very impressive and I can’t wait to share
my experiences with our industrial partners who would likely be very happy
to recruit these graduate students. What is it that you are feeding these
students to make them so effective?”

Jim added “The circle will be completed when this class travels to MIT in January for the IAP period where all the SCALE Center students convene for classes, exercises and company engagements. CTL is looking forward to hosting MISI students – with one bit of advice – dress warmly!”

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In fine MISI custom, a lunch was held to commemorate Jim’s visit. MISI special guest sampled the local food delicacies, when he lunched with students, faculty and staff on the MISI pavilion rooftop, overlooking the panoramic views of Shah Alam. Jim said that out of all the dishes his favorite was the traditional “Nasi Lemak”

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During lunch students presented a surprise birthday cake to their classmate ‘Farhan’.

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CEO & Rector Dr. Mahender Singh gave thanks to Jim for the visit. Jim added that “MISI will impress every visitor, and the team should be congratulated on such a fantastic operation”.

This was a fitting visit for both students and Jim, following Dr. Asad Ata and Jim hosting a webinar in April with class 2014 students, prior to them making their commitment to join MISI.

Jim returned to CTL, with copies of MISI Annual Convocation Brochure and the 1st SCALE Center Yearbook (from Class 2013). Jim said “These are already inspiring action among the SCALE Centers, innovation emanating from MISI!”