Welcome to MISI Toastmasters
Presidents Report – Aamil Raza Shakri

First meeting – Presidents Report

“Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. It has a membership of 292,000 enthusiasts. These members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 14,350 clubs in 122 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations”

MISI Toastmasters Club – Succeed to Lead to Succeed

Unopened doors can never lead one to opportunities and success. In other words – “One who takes initiative and works hard may succeed or fail, but one who does not take initiative is almost guaranteed to fail”.
Initiative is often the difference between success and failure.
“You don’t have to be good, to start: you have to start, to be good”.

Refreshments, Call to Order, Welcome to Toastmasters

With these motivating thoughts in our minds, MISIites initiated their new venture in the valuable and ever energising arena of oration. Undeterred by the inability to start the club last session, Mr.David Baylis, along with Toastmaster Sanchit , took upon the onus to bring Toastmasters International to MISI. The MISI Toastmasters club witnessed its first meet on 26th September 2013. Raved up with vigour and enthusiasm, the meet was attended by the student body and graced by Rector, Dr.Mahender Singh and the faculty members.

Introduction to Toastmasters & Honoured guest Speaker

MISI was honoured to have two distinguished Toastmasters and speakers in the country to inaugurate the event and boost our motivation. Toastmaster Mr.GaneshSangaranm, a reputed DTM and renowned speaker in the district was the Toastmaster of the Day. We were privileged to have Stephen Fernando, winner of humorous speech in district 51, to motivate us with his life brimming speech. He shared his precious thoughts and experience on “How to be a winning speaker”.

Table Topics

The ice was broken with thought intriguing impromptu session – The Table topics introduced by Sanchit. Following topics –“If only….; If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?; A lawsuit is a fruit tree planted in a lawyer’s garden; Why I don’t want to be a millionaire; The only thing that happens over a cup of coffee is….; Beauty is in the eyes of beer holder”, were given to Toastmasters Ganesh, Daniel, James, Soham,Haci,&Shekhar. Though initially perplexed on hearing the topics, the contendersbeautifully populated their thoughts in no time. Laughter is the essence to healthy and happy living. Toastmaster Tabiash made everyone giggle with his satirical humour.

Ice Breaker Speech

Next, the stage was taken by Toastmaster Stanley, who talked about “My philosophy in life”. Toastmaster Arm rather let out his secret by speaking on “The girl of my dreams”. Toastmaster Aamil spoke about “Introversion”.

General Evaluation

The general evaluation was delivered by Mr.Ganesh and Mr Fernando presented the speakers’ evaluation report. The respective title holders presented their reports. Toastmaster James pinpointed and brushed the grammatical fine points. Toastmaster Masoud discussed the Ahs and Umms of the speech whereas Toastmaster Shekhar presented his timer report.

DTM Introduces the Executive committee & The President closes the meeting

“With a motto of “Succeed to Lead to Succeed “and, a belief to improve our communication and leadership skills and to seize every opportunity to speak and serve, we will enjoy the process and progress from one glory to another” – Aamilshakri

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