Supply Chain Management

Lim Soon Heng, Producer of BFM 89.9 interviews Dr. Ioannis Lagoudis

Dr. Ioannis (Copy)

Dr. Ioannis Lagoudis answers a variation of questions related to Supply Chain Management:

  1. In the context of supply chain management, what are the commonest problems caused by managers and executive who do not recognize that the supply chain is a system?
  2. What are some examples of this failure to see the systems? (case studies?)
  3. How well do supply chain managers in Malaysia do, seeing the bigger picture?
  4. What were the consequences?
  5. Since you have a strong tradition in Greek history and mythology, how did Greek heroes like Odysseus or Alexander the Great manage their supply chain and related logistical issues in their war campaigns?
  6. What were the consequences?
  7. The million-dollar question, why can’t managers see that the supply chain is a system?
  8. How can managers be taught to look at the bigger picture–the system rather than the separate silos?
  9. What are some of the best practices in the industry where they inculcate this kind of big-picture vision?
  10. What companies/organizations make good examples?
  11. What examples can we draw from Alexander the Great?