Supply Chain Innovation: How Supply Chain Can Help the Firm to Innovate in Their Business

2013 Regional Conference: Profitable Channel Management

9th & 10th December 2013, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur
Dr. Javad Feizabadi
Assistant Professor
Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation
Topic: Supply Chain Innovation: how supply chain can help the firm to innovate in their business

Often time firms think about innovation in their products, which is the most likely area for the company in order to change the game in its industry. But in recent years we have witnessed a lot of hugely successful companies that their unprecedented performance hasn’t been originated from product innovation but their main driver of success was supply chain and innovating in the way of managing the material, information and money flows. Internet and IT provided a vastly powerful tool for making supply chain innovation happen. Considering 4Ps of innovation (Product, Process, Paradigm and Position) we can easily associate supply chain innovation in process, paradigm and position innovation and to some extent to product innovation. In this presentation the latest ideas and thoughts about innovation in the supply chain will be presented along with examples from the real world best practices.

  • 4Ps of innovation and its linkage to supply chain
  • A classification of supply chain innovation
  • Contribution of various supply chain innovations to firm performance
  • Best practices in each category of supply chain innovation

Conference Overview:

Channel Management! Yet another sales and marketing phrase that is thrown around like everyone knows what it means. But so few companies really understand channel management in a way that really helps them. It’s really no wonder. Sales channels (being the medium by which we distribute our products to the end-user) come in many forms—from direct, to the web, to the traditional retail environment. And, we’re just doing whatever we can to get any business from any of them! But is that the most well-organized and successful approach?

That’s where Channel Management comes in. Channel management is a process by which a company creates formalized programs to reach customers within a specific channel that can really impact your business—and in an encouraging way!

Hence, the conference will give professionals a chance to learn from the experience of those who are in the process of, and those who have already implemented channel management. The program has been structured to include as many networking opportunities as possible to share challenges and experiences and take away insights and strategies to achieve your goals.

Who are the people that you should expect to meet at this conference:

Our participants represent senior level of decision maker’s of vice president, regional directors, directors and managers responsible for:

  • Logistics
  • Supply chain management
  • Channel development
  • Marketing and communication
  • Commercial planning
  • Distribution channel
  • Business development
  • Marketing and communication
  • Sales

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