Outward Bound Welcome for Class of 2015

Class of 2015:

OBS 2014


6th August 2014 –Outward Bound

Its an early start the next morning as new students were whisked away by MISI’s outward bound guru Dr. Albert Tan and his team for the beginning of the orientation program at the Outward Bound School in Lumut, next to the exotic tropical Island of Pankor in West Malaysia

Outward Bound MISI style – Class of 2015

Dr. Albert

Before the journey,Dr. Albert Tan said “Students are embarking on an adventure in an unfamiliar environment, engaging in activities, which are challenging yet rewarding, where they will be stretched beyond their preconceived limits in order to succeed. The net result will be a clearly developed group of students having team and core values of: honesty, integrity, dignity, responsibility, trust, self-determination, and of course agility”

Asnol Iskandar Wan K

MISI class of 2015 students were put through a carefully designed three day course of outdoor activities intended to encourage participants to develop “life skills” of initiative, leadership, communication, decision-making, co-operation, risk-taking and trust.

lumut map


Lumut is a coastal town in the state of Perak, Malaysia, situated about 84 km from Ipoh, 12 km from the town of Sitiawan and it is the gateway to Pangkor Island. It is noted for seashell and coral handicrafts.


1 (Copy)

Day one began at 8am with the journey from KL to Lumut on the MISI coach. On arrival at Lumut, lunch was served. In the afternoon instructors gave their introduction to the course, followed by ice breaking class. Only hours prior to this course students had not met one another and now they were entering the real ice breaking part of the program where they must begin working together effectively as a team in order to accomplish a host of tasks.

Day 2 (Morning) – Wall Climbing, Rope Obstacle.

Day 2 (Afternoon) – Kayak Training & Water Confidence.

Day 3 (Morning) – Kayak Trip

Day 3 (Afternoon) – Rafting & Closing Ceremony


Day Four began with a morning of free activities and after lunch the return journey to campus began. Clearly life long friendships had now forged, and a new team was ready to take on the challenges ahead.
This tired but exhilarated team will need their rest, as the true test of resilience and determination to succeed begins the start of their nine-month program ahead.

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