Interview ~ Dr. Mahender Singh

INVESTKL & The Star newspaper

15th Sept 2014

INVESTKL is currently undertaking a project to profile some of their MNC clients and partners in The Star newspaper. In its efforts to develop Supply Chain talent, InvestKL asked MISI to partake in a feature profile, sharing MISI contributions made in driving Malaysia’s growth and development of Greater KL to become a hub for business, innovation and talent.

INVESTKL is a special purpose investment promotion agency of The Government of Malaysia, mandated to attract top MNCs to Greater Kuala Lumpur (GKL).
GKL is undergoing an aggressive transformation to become one of the world’s most vibrant and livable cities through its MRT, High Speed Rail, River of Life and other projects. Together with its existing world class business ecosystem, multi-lingual talent and comparative cost advantage, GKL offers strong propositions for MNCs to operate their Business, Innovation & Talent Hub activities to grow their business in Asia.
Dr. Mahender Singh
An interview was conducted via email and phone with MISI CEO & Rector Dr. Mahender Singh, and the article featured in the Star business section on 15th Sept 2014.

The Star Newspaper - Dr. Mahender Interview

Transcript:Malaysia Institute of Supply Chain Innovation(MISI), a joint venture between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Government of Malaysia, is the fourth centre of the MIT Global Scale in the world and is based in Shah Alam.

MISI has been working closely with InvestKL and assisting in promoting Malaysia as a Global Supply Chain Hub with leading MNCs to locate their supply chain operations in the country.

“With industry and practice at the core of its activities, MISI will help companies in a variety of ways. Specifically, development of world-class talent in the region, we will equip companies to deliver higher-level performance in its business operations,” said MISI’s CEO Dr. Mahender Singh.

“Our graduates are well versed in leading supply chain management practices and concepts to start adding value to their employers from day one.

“Along with leading expertise, our graduates are connected to leading supply chain experts globally through the alumni network at MIT.”

Dr. Singh said its research and industry outreach activities are focused on helping companies find better solutions that are best suited for their specific situation rather than blindly following industry best practices.

“We endeavor to transfer knowledge to our partner companies and equip them with the ability to chart their own course of action.”

Dr. Singh said its education programmes offer knowledge and expertise in both problem solving and leadership.

The programs promote systems thinking to change the way practitioners typically decide, Dr. Singh said, adding that with an emphasis on innovation, graduates from MISI learn a to shape practical yet principled solution to business problems.

The MIT Global SCALE Network is an international alliance of leading edge research and educational organisations, dedicated to the development and dissemination of global innovation in supply chain and logistics.

With the establishment of MISI in March 2011, the SCALE Network is advancing the expertise in the domain of logistics and supply chain in ASEAN and broadly in Asia.

ASEAN generates US$1.7 trillion worth of trade annually, and is likely to increase significantly if Southeast Asian countries maintain projected growth rates of 5% to 6% over the next few years.

An efficient supply chain is at the core of this anticipated transformation. Having a qualified supply chain professional will be essential to companies in shaping the new strategic agenda.

MISI aims to redefine the state-of-the-art supply chain management theory and practice. Apart from offering a world-class degree programmes, MISI also offer Executive Development Programmes that cater to the specific needs of the working professionals. “These programs tend to be short duration events that drill into a subject matter with the objective of offering practical know-how for immediate use to improve performance.

“The programmes can be customised for a company to integrate their unique challenges into the training sessions,” Dr. Singh said.

MISI also undertakes research initiatives but remain focused on application.

“We actively engage industry in research projects that include students and faculty members from all four centers globally,” Dr. Singh said.

MISI works with industry on multiple fronts to create and disseminate cutting edge supply chain knowledge that advances practice.

“Our faculty members have expertise in a variety of verticals within the supply chain domain across industries. We offer advisory services to companies seeking support to better manage their supply chains as well modeling capabilities to address strategic and operational needs,” Dr. Singh said.