Aamil Raza Shakri – Class of 2014

Now when I look back, I do realize – Time does fly. It seems like the other day I joined college, then graduated and it is almost a year now when I started interning at Schlumberger. The journey so far has been of immense value and experience. Transitioning from the academic supply chain to viewing the road blocks in the practical world is worth. The simulation on bottlenecks, the jumbled up databases, the complexity of logistics, the system dynamic models and more, have honed our thought process to analyze the situation better. Looking at Schlumberger’s Procurement division from a supply chain system’s view has given many thought provoking ideas and we (Arun & Manish) are looking forward to implement them.

Though this would be my last article for Alumni Newsletter as a bachelor, I look forward keep the family updated and close by. Cheers.