Industry Executive Event 2015

A one-day Industry Executive Event was held on MISI campus on 27th April 2015.

A warm introduction was given by MISI incoming CEO and Rector Dr. David Gonsalvez, after which Industry Executives attend a Scenario planning workshop. After lunch Industry Executives join with MISI class of 2015 students as they give their thesis research project poster presentations.

Scenario Planning Workshop:

Facilitated by Dr Shardul Phadnis assisted by MISI faculty members and students.

Program Overview

Scenario planning, also called scenario thinking or scenario analysis is a strategic planning method organizations use for long-range and strategic planning, especially when the future environment that determines the value of the deployed investments is highly uncertain. This workshop teaches participants how to use scenario planning for formulating strategy through hands-on application.

Session 1 – Introduction – Auditorium:
Dr Phadnis gives participants an overview of Scenario Planning.

Session 2 – Group Session:
Participants break into 2 groups. The groups are presented, via video, with a case scenario. Each group further segregate into two smaller groups to discuss and feedback on one case scenario from four different industries, Consumer goods, Energy, Logistics and Transport, Talent and Skills. The groups were facilitated by MISI class of 2015 students.

Session 3 – Debrief:
Participants reconvene and Dr Phadnis reviews the exercise undertaken by participants with the intention of creating one strategy for industry, by considering strategies developed under two diverse and different industries.

  • 1. Would you recommend this program to others, why?
    • Yes, provided the objective to understand more knowledge on current/future market
    • Yes, relevant & important for businesses in a fast moving environment
    • Yes, it teach us & think for future in business
    • Maybe, depends on subsequence topics
    • Yes, it’s a good introduction to strategy development
    • Yes very knowledgeable in terms of planning & decision making
    • Yes I would. We need to move of this in the industry
    • Yes, the program will help others think through of what future will look like & derive assuptions to create strategy
    • Yes, It’s applicable to manufacturer, top senior management etc
    • Yes, to have a different view in predicting the future. Scenarion planning is one of the tools that company shall use
    • Yes, good for people to be alert on movement in the economy, technological innovation, development in other countries that would affect them & the company
    • Yes, it is a good tool for long term strategic planning
    • Yes, insight were fresh & allowed a re-think of strategic imperatives
  • 2. In your opinion, what would help improve this program?
    • Active participation/guidance from facilitator
    • Making it more lively
    • Industries application case study
    • More time to undestand the challenges in developing more scenarios
    • Longer time to go into details & intrinsic values
    • More interactive session, role play in the class
    • Highlighting the pitfalls, we seem to assume that it will be a perfect world
    • List of participants for networking session
    • Bottom guidance during practical session
    • I think it is a whole day activity, so spending some more time would have been better
    • More in-depth training & actual example
  • 3. What other trainings are you looking for in future?
    • Strategy development & deployment
    • End to end supply chain – how do we emphasize?
    • Inventory management under uncertain forecasting
    • Supply chain optimization
    • Follow up to scenario planning & implementing it
  • 4. Other comments?
    • Excellent topic
    • Risk are not highlighted
    • Overall is good

Student Thesis Poster Presentation:

Program Overview:
MISI class 2015 students from MIT-Malaysia Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program gave Thesis Poster Presentations built on the outcome of their thesis projects

Industry Executives moved from station to station reviewing projects, and provided essential feedback to enhance the outcome of the projects, while at the same time gaining valuable insight on latest trends, current practices and improvement initiatives in the supply chain domain.

Companies Represented: Century Motolite Battery Sdn. Bhd. | Cosmo Biofuels | Ernst and Young | GlaxoSmithKline | Hershey’s | Lee’s Frozen Foods | Limocab | Malayan Flour Mills | Malaysian Dutch Business Council | Maxis | Petronas | Petronas Trading | SCA Hygiene | SNT Global | TA Asia | Volkswagen

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