P&G Oil Palm Sustainability Initiative

MISI hosted and facilitated with PEMANDU a two day workshop for certifying and incentivising smallholders to meet global standards in sustainable Oil Palm practice. The workshop aimed to help smallholders by facilitating an end to end certified supply chain identifying ways to reward smallholders with a sustainable premium for their produce.


Today only 2.2% smallholders are RSPO-certified. Globally only 341,000 Hectares of land with 112,000 smallholders have been certified. Malaysia owns 4% of this land with 6% of smallholders, as the average landholding size is small.

MISI with P&G and PEMANDU conducted this workshop using a three pronged approach towards certification to develop a Small Holder Certification Model.
(i) ACCELERATE sustainability compliance and practices on the ground
(ii) SCALE the program to include 1000 smallholders per group for nationwide reapplication
(iii) SUSTAIN the momentum, motivation and sustainability practices of smallholders over the long term.

The workshop serves as an example of a public-private partnership, and MISI aims to facilitate more such relationships as part of the Economic Transformation Program to achieve high-income economy.