My MISI Journey

16..Tabiash-ShandabI Connect

24 February 2014
I am elated to share my tete-a-tete with the MISI family. The journey has been quite enriching on a personal level- many of which cannot be explicitly described in words.
I have learnt a great many things as a student here. It has changed my entire outlook on and attitude towards life.

Prior to joining the course, I had little clue about supply chain! The fact that my prior experience was in engineering consultancy, I always felt the need to approach operational productivity from a design and engineering perspective. This finally culminated into applying for this course on the advice of one of the educational consultants. I got the admission and joined the course.

Now right from day one, I have noticed that there is something distinct about this college-the culture of love and care for the students. Everyone from faculty members to administrators to support staff seemed to share the same passion for the wellbeing of the students. For me relationship is very important and I can feel this bond not only in me but also other students at large. It is this culture I think that has transcended with same passion into student-student relationship as well.

Going out, meeting new people, guest lectures, joining clubs, assignments, classes, gaming sessions etc. are some of the activities we have participated in and believe me each of them was fun and full of learning. But most importantly the college experience is experimenting and experiencing new things and on a personal level, I think I was a great beneficiary here.
The IAP experience, where we had the chance to meet 116 students from the four centers of MIT Global Scale Network was certainly enjoyable and well planned. We had the opportunity to interact with people from diverse background and nationalities. The team based activities such as simulation games, exercises etc. always had members from different centers and it served to create that opportunity to understand each other and benefit from each other’s experience. It was also one good platform to gauge oneself from other center participants. I think everyone would be unanimous in acknowledging that we were at par- with the number of awards and honors won by MISI speaks it all!

Finally, studying at MISI is one the best things that has happened to me. I carry along with me great friends, good learning and exciting memoirs.These will definitely inspire and support me to better myself in future.

Tabiash Shandad
Class of 2014
MSCM Program