MISI is awarded Two Star’s by MyRA

Star Rating Year 2014
December 2015
faculty-david-gonsalves-01Prof. Dr. David Gonsalvez
Chief Executive Officer & Rector
Malaysian Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

“This is a marvellous achievement after a short four years of operation, and is a very good first step towards our goal of achieving six stars, in line with our mission to become a premier university in Malaysia”


Malaysia Research Assessment

The Malaysia Assessment (MyRA) is an instrument for measuring the research, development, commercialisation and innovation (RDC&I) activities in Public and Private Universities, Branch Campuses and University Colleges in Malaysia.

MyRA rating is to measure the achievement of Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) in RDC&I through the criteria and benchmarks that were set according to each indicator. It is not intended to provide ranking among the institutions.

MyRA assessment is based in three key aspects; input, process and output which includes eight main criteria:

  1. Quantity and Quality of Researchers
  2. Quantity and Quality of Research
  3. Quantity of Postgraduates
  4. Quality of Postgraduates
  5. Innovation
  6. Professional Services and Gifts
  7. Networking and Linkages
  8. Support Facility

More about MyRA (in Bahasa)