MISI Students Win Grand Prize at Research Expo

Sekar Widyastuti Pratiwi
MSCM Class of 2016
Sadaf Zaidi
MSCM Class of 2016

The Research Expo Poster Presentation is the grand event of all the IAP activities. For this reason everyone comes up with their best on this big day.

For this year’s event, 64 posters were presented on 20th January, 2016 at the MIT Media Lab. Students from every branch of the MIT Global SCALE network (MIT, ZLC, GCLOG & MISI) participated. They presented to more than 100 personnel and professionals from the industry who came to the Research Expo.

Our poster was titled “Improving Traceablity for Better Performance” which we worked on with a leading lead acid battery supplier in Malaysia. The focus of this project was to:

  • Efficiently manage warranty claims.
  • Provide better visibility of battery lifetime.
  • Manage batch related issues.

We explained our project to every single visitor who came to us. Fortunately, we have some initial results that we shared with the visitors and this helped us better explain what the project was about and its significance.

For the scoring, attendees voted for their favourite 5 presenters and the count was used to identify the winner for the grand prize and also for the separate prizes for each center. We are proud to have won the grand prize for MISI.


Well Done, Sekar & Sadaf


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