MISI Guest Lecture ~ Peter Ware ~ SWIFT Institute


Peter Ware
The SWIFT Institute

Monday 29th February 2016, Peter Ware – Director of The SWIFT Institute gave a guest lecture to MSCM class 2016 students.

Peter has 30 years’ of experience in the financial services industry, with operational management positions at global custodians (including State Street Bank and RBS Trust Bank) and investment managers (including Citibank Global Asset Management) in Toronto, Boston and London. Peter has managed client service operations, corporate actions and fund accounting departments, as well as being involved in the development of new product areas. In 2012, he created and launched the SWIFT Institute, which is dedicated to fostering research and disseminating knowledge and information about the financial services industry. The SWIFT Institute funds and publishes independent research and brings together academics and practitioners to inform, debate and learn from each other. Currently, Peter is the Global Head of the SWIFT Institute, Innotribe, Partner Framework and Business Architecture teams at SWIFT.