GSK “PULSE” features MISI Students

Mahesh Yedluri“On February 19, 2016, MISI MSCM students Veronica and Mahesh Yedluri accompanied by MISI professors Dr. Sang Jo Kim, Director of PhD Winter Academy, and Dr. Shardul Phadnis, Director of Research, visited the GSK Malaysia office as part of the thesis field visit. This visit was preceded by a visit to the GSK manufacturing facility in Malaysia.  It was a great experience for the students and the professors to understand first hand GSK’s manufacturing and operations within Malaysia. As an added perk, the students and the professors had a chance to participate in the GSK’s Chinese new-year celebrations at its Malaysia office. The GSK staff that was present at these meetings was Stephen Wong, Commercial Operations and Access Director, Ruby Lau, Supply Strategy Director, GMS Classic and Established products based in Singapore, Angela Chau, Market Access and Strategy Manager, and Ramil Burden, Vice President and General Manager, GSK Malaysia.”


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