Supply Chain Innovation ~ Challenges and Opportunities

MISI Webinar series continued on July 20th with the Topic “Supply Chain Innovation ~ Challenges and Opportunities”. The session was presented by MISI CEO & Rector, Dr. David Gonsalvez.

Supply Chain Innovation
Challenges and Opportunities

Innovation is an overused buzzword these days, but real innovation has been key to mankind’s progress. Supply chain management is sometimes viewed as a “back room support activity” but most people realize today that well run supply chains are key to a company’s success. Some of today’s most successful companies are at their core “pure supply chain plays” – Walmart, Amazon, and AliBaba are examples.

This talk reviewed past innovations in supply chains to factors that drive innovation in supply chains today. Innovations on the near horizon that could change the supply chain landscape presented together with specific ideas on how you as a supply chain practitioner can be an innovator in your business.