Welcoming the MSCM Class of 2017!

Today, MISI achieved another great milestone – it was our registration day for the MSCM Class of 2017. Students from India, China, and from as far as Trinidad and Tobago, and Nigeria participated in the registration activity today. After the usual filling up of forms and finalizing their accommodations, they were briefed about the campus facilities and taken for a tour around the campus, which included the lecture hall, student lounge, library and the gymnasium.

The students were then invited to MISI’s cafeteria for a sumptuous lunch, which included Malaysian delicacies mostly. They openly interacted with one another on many aspects such as living in Malaysia, food, language and culture as this is their visit to Malaysia. The students connected well with one another as they prepare themselves to ride this exciting 10-month journey together.




Published 11 August 2016