MSCM Class of 2017 at the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement Seminar

On 24th September 2016, the MSCM Class of 2017 a seminar in Kuala Lumpur discussing the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Titled The Kings Discourse. TPPA: What Now? What Next? – A Frank Discussion, the event gave the MSCM students a great opportunity to understand the viewpoints of distinguished political and business leaders on the TPPA. The seminar helped the students understand that geopolitical and international trade relations is crucial in understanding the political implications and making important business decisions. Key speakers ranging from political representatives of Malaysia, USA and Mexico; and consultants from World Bank, PwC and Pfizer; discussed the implications of TPPA on local businesses and on Malaysian economy as a whole. This platform not only helped the MSCM students gain insights about Free Trade Agreements but also helped them network.