Center for Sustainable Value Networks (CSVN) at MISI Evaluates the Business Case Sustainability for Independent Smallholders for Oil Palm

Dr Asad Ata from the Center for Sustainable Value Network (CSVN) at MISI served as a panel member for the 3rd Annual Palm External Advisory Panel (PEAP) workshop hosted by FGV and P&G on 20th October 2016.

A team of researchers under CSVN is developing a replicable model for responsible sourcing for Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) production through independent smallholder farmers (ISHF). These ISHF supply fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of Palm to various Palm Oil Mills. CSVN completed the base line study and analysis of the current PKO supply chain designing a pilot project which is now under the implementation phase with several NGOs working with small holders in the field. The goal of this project is to motivate small holders to adopt sustainable practices to produce and supply FFB responsibly by creating a business case for them and the various intermediaries in between.