MISI Students Volunteer at Malaysia’s Premier Supply Chain Conference (LogiSym)

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious” -John Sculley

In the current scenario of ever increasing disruptions in businesses, future definitely belongs to those who can see the hidden potential in new ideas. In the realm of supply chains, it is even more relevant to understand and anticipate the future trends before these disruptions happen. Hence, having better knowledge of these latest trends and ideas can always put one in a better position to adopt and adjust to the market demands. LogiSym Malaysia, 2016 provided one such unique platform for students of MISI Class of 2017 to simultaneously serve and mingle among decision makers and trendsetters in the supply chain and logistics arena across the globe.

As volunteers, we were expected to play a supporting role to event coordinators in different aspects of taking the event live. Our primary tasks spanned from registration of speakers and delegates in the first hour to collection of forms in the final hour. Despite our responsibilities, we were welcomed to attend the actual proceedings during down times to witness many inspiring presentations and panel discussions of informed perspectives. This year’s LogiSym symposium – Imagining Tomorrow’s Supply Chains, Today- had panels setup for discussions on future supply chains in Asia-Pacific. Most of the discussions circulated around current and relevant topics of supply chain disruptions, innovations and practices. Panels encouraged the delegates and volunteers to challenge presenters with questions in order to make the discussions livelier. Two of our classmates, Melissa and Jide asked a few very good questions, which not only caught attention of many supply chain professionals but also glimpsed MISI students’ potential to all LogiSym attendees. Additional to the enhancement of our knowledge on latest breakthroughs in the supply chain field, the presentations resonated with many of us for their particular value to our thesis projects that we just embarked on. We were also welcomed to join in on a more social level interactions at multiple coffee/tea and lunch breaks and even a cocktail networking session over the two-day event. Participation in the event facilitated an open and relatively relaxed forum in which we could get in arms' length of people whose desks our cv’s might well cross in little more than a few more months as we begin to shift gears onward from our MISI experience. Along with the technical knowledge that we gained on a number of new fronts, what the symposium did for us was to expose us to the thought process of industry leaders and opened our eyes to wide variety of career possibilities that exist out there.

Overall, LogiSym provided a great learning experience for all of us and affirmed our belief that we could make a difference to the world through contribution of our expertise.