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Dr. Phadnis Speaks at Asia IoT Business Platform on “Creating Value in Supply Chain using IoT”

Dr. Shardul Phadnis, MISI’s Director of Research, presented a keynote address and moderated a panel at the 29thEdition Asia IoT Business Platform held in Kuala Lumpur. In his talk titled “Creating Value in Supply Chain Using IoT”, Dr. Phadnis described how companies should go about testing the application of Internet of Things (IoT) to create value in supply chains and presented results from MISI’s pilot study on the use of IoT for monitoring cold-chain distribution.

Following his talk, Dr. Phadnis led a panel of Mr. Woo Kam Weng (CEO of Pos Aviation), Ms. Sangeetha Ranganath (Head of Digital, Pos Malaysia) and Mr. Prasad Babu Ramulu (Head of Ecosystem Enrichment, MDEC) to explore their organizations’ initiatives on creating the public infrastructure to create value in e-commerce supply chains.