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Faculty Positions

Job Title: Assistant Professor / Associate Professor
Report to: Rector

Faculty Positions – Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) is one of the centers of the MIT Global SCALE (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence) Network an international alliance of leading-edge research and education centers, dedicated to the development and dissemination of global innovation in supply chain and logistics. Together, this network of centers educates hundreds of master’s students, doctoral candidates, and executives each year. MISI is recruiting for two faculty positions at the Associate and Assistant Professor Level to support research activities in the area of transportation logistics and supply chain management and to teach in the graduate (Master & PHD) and executive education programs at MISI


Faculty members are responsible for advancing the center’s mission of excellence in education, research, and corporate engagement. All faculty members are expected to develop, design, and deliver world-class teaching material at the master and doctoral levels. As part of the research team, faculty members are responsible for creating, supporting, and disseminating new knowledge in logistics, supply chain management, and related fields. Faculty are expected to conduct high quality research in collaboration with industry and government; supervise theses; publish in top international journals, academic proceedings, trade journals, and working papers; and participate fully in all industrial and educational programs offered and supported by the MIT Global SCALE centers. Faculty members are expected to work with and be in regular contact with researchers, educators, and thought leaders (academic and industry) across the world, including researchers at MIT and the international MIT Global SCALE Network centers.


Candidates should possess:

  1. A PhD in supply chain management, transportation, logistics, operations management, information systems, engineering, economics, business, or a related discipline;
  2. International exposure, reflected in publications, projects, conference participation and guest lectures;
  3. Ability to develop and deliver lectures and class material in English at the graduate level (both Masters and Doctoral);
  4. Ability to generate sponsored research and promote technology transfer and entrepreneurship;
  5. Ability to communicate with industry, give presentations, and lead meetings in English.

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Human Resource Unit

Marketing Executive (Web & Online)

This person is responsible for all operations that involve MISI Website and supporting IT.

1.1.1. MISI Website

  • Maintain and update MISI websites (responsible for the technical aspects as well as posting content)
  • Continually upgrade the design, layout and coding of MISI website (incl. technical and graphical aspects)
  • Develop and maintain the current MISI website with updated news and events.
  • Have ability to create new websites to meet MISI requirements
  • Able to create MISI newsletters for electronic distribution.
  • Demonstrate a creative mindset to enable innovative design and development of MISI Websites.
  • Minimum computer skills required include HTML, JAVA, CSS and PHP.
  • Familiar with open source platform i.e. WordPress, Joomla
  • Substantial knowledge of Google Analytics.

1.1.2. Maintaining MISI Social Media

    Manage MISI social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Alumni, E- Class and other platforms within the MISI Website platform).

    • Experience in SEO/SEM.
    • Knowledge of online paid advertisement campaign strategy and budget planning.

Key Requirements

  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma/ Advance Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree
  • At least three to five years' experience in digital marketing/ online marketing
  • 2-3 years experience in website or webmaster
  • Preferably candidate from programming, IT, software
  • Strong skills in content creation and brand marketing experience
  • Proactive attitude, high level of integrity, and strong interpersonal skills
  • Good command of English