Industry Advisory Board

A heavy emphasis on industry application is one of the distinguishing features of SCALE. Research activities undertaken at SCALE are expected to ensure that it leads to a practical improvement for the industry. Indeed, maintaining academic rigor and integrity in conducting the research is of paramount importance and front-and-center to the effort, but the goal of application is not made subservient to the research methodology. This is a commonly overlooked aspect of academic research. Often, adherence to popular research methodology with an eye on academic publications overshadows the practical applicability of the findings. The first step towards achieving seemingly conflicting goals of academic rigor and practical importance is to acknowledge both as equally important, followed by careful research design and execution.

Ensuring that SCALE and its members stay focused on industry application of research, a close cooperation with the industry is core to its organization and operation. To this end, at MISI, one of the key tasks at its initiation is to establish an Industry Advisory Board (IAB) that will actively participate in various activities of MISI, both at the strategic and operational level. The IAB will be constituted with a clear mandate to ensure that the efforts of MISI are aligned with the current and future needs of the industry. To achieve this goal, the IAB will be involved in providing input to matters related to each of the three pillars of MISI, namely education, research, and outreach. The objectives of the IAB under each one of the pillars will translate into the following.



The IAB will actively bring employer’s view into the design of the education offerings. It will ensure that the curriculum for various programs is relevant for the current and future needs of the industry, and that the faculty and researchers are focusing on practicability of research and education. An equally important aspect of maintaining high educational standards is the selection of right students, which in turn requires that suitably qualified candidates are applying for the available seats and being accepted at MISI, thus an active area of involvement for the IAB. The IAB will also be expected to help in securing appropriate resources to meet the educational goals of MISI, which include financial resources, industry connection for research, and placement of graduating students by leading organizations.



The IAB will assist in promoting mutually beneficial relationships with various organizations to engage actively with MISI in conducting research. Ensuring an active dialog with the industry to identify new avenues for research will be key to maintaining the thought leadership role for SCALE in the region. The IAB will be expected to extend and identify resources to conduct research, promote and help MISI organize industry round-tables, symposia, and conferences.



The IAB will actively support the formation, enrollment into and operation of a large and active Supply Chain Exchange (SCE) at MISI. This exchange will consist of paying members who belong to a wide array of local and global companies from different industries. A vibrant SCE is an essential ingredient of MISI’s success as the SCE members in various industry verticals become our eyes and ears.

Board members will be expected to support MISI by bringing contacts and leads. Further to this goal, the board members will know and provide guidance on whom to contact, when and about what topic. The board will help persuade, motivate and guide the reformulation of the direction on behalf of MISI to ensure that it is the leading academic organization and viewed as a valuable partner by the industry. The board members will be expected to generate valuable word-of-mouth support for MISI at various industry platforms and connect MISI to influential leaders in the community. The board members will apply their expertise, influence and insights to challenge as well as facilitate consensus as needed to make an impact on the direction of MISI.


Composition and Qualifications

The membership to the IAB will be invitation only to a few committed industry thought leaders who are closely associated to or interested in the domain of supply chain. An ideal board member would be a senior corporate leader who has demonstrated high involvement, active influence, keen insight, and passionate advocacy in similar positions before. The board member must be a keen supporter of higher education and strongly believes in bringing innovation to the classroom through active involvement of the industry.