Registration Day For PSCM January 2017 Intake


MISI’s flag ship program “Master of Science in Supply Chain Management” was first presented as a full time program, and two years later was offered as a part-time program. The Part-Time Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (PSCM) program is specifically designed for professionals with a demanding work schedule. The program has significant flexibility… Read more »

MSCM Class of 2017 Preliminary Thesis Presentation


The MSCM Class of 2017 presented the progress of their seven company sponsored thesis projects on Thursday, Dec 15th. This preliminary thesis presentation included early stage of project scoping and data gathering, and was prepared in consultation with their respective thesis sponsors. MISI faculty and researchers were present to provide feedback. This presentation exercise is… Read more »

Dr Andrew Carrel from Ohio State University and Dr Alejandro Serrano from Zaragoza Logistics Institute will be teaching at MISI


Dr Andre Carrel (bio), Assistant Professor of Smart Urban Systems, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering, College of Engineering, Ohio State University will be at MISI from 25th to 28th October. He will be teaching Data Analytics to the MSCM Class of 2017 Dr Alejandro Serrano (bio), Professor of Supply Chain Management at the… Read more »

MSCM Class of 2017 at the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement Seminar


On 24th September 2016, the MSCM Class of 2017 a seminar in Kuala Lumpur discussing the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Titled The Kings Discourse. TPPA: What Now? What Next? – A Frank Discussion, the event gave the MSCM students a great opportunity to understand the viewpoints of distinguished political and business leaders on the… Read more »

Thesis Sponsors’ Presentation Week


This is an exciting week for the MSCM students. It’s the week where thesis sponsoring companies will be presenting their thesis project proposals to the students. Some of the companies sponsoring thesis projects this year are Hanes, BlueScope, GSK, TAL Apparel, BASF and Roche. These companies would propose projects related to specific areas or challenges… Read more »

Thesis Research Festival 2016


23rd May 2016, MISI conducted the Annual Thesis Research Festival on campus at MISI. Students from class of 2016 presented their thesis projects to a jury of panelists from industry and academia. The event was held in the MISI auditorium supported by an audience of thesis sponsors, industry partners and faculty members. MISI CEO and… Read more »

CSCMP SCPro™ certification workshop

The first level five-day Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) SCPro certification workshop was held between 15th & 26th April 2016 on MISI campus. MISI is in exclusive collaboration with CSCMP in offering CSCMP certified training programs. This first level certification program aims at exposing trainees to the concepts covered in the CSCMP SCPro Level One Certification. Upon the successful completion of the program students are eligible to sit for the first level CSCMP examination.

Supply Chain Case Studies

caplice2015 (1)
Dr. Chris Caplice is the Executive Director of MIT’s Center for Transportation & Logistics. His research is in all aspects of freight transportation to include combinatorial procurement auctions, robust planning, portfolio management, performance metrics, and infrastructure design. Chris holds a Ph.D. in Transportation and Logistics Systems from MIT.

Supply Chain Entrepreneurship & Innovation

As part of the MSCM program on Global Risk in Supply Chain Management, MISI Adjunct Professor Dr. Mahender Singh, held a two-day presentation / workshop on “SC Entrepreneurship & Innovation” for MSCM students and Faculty.

Inventory Models for On-Line Retailing

SGraves 2012 V1
Prof. Graves teaches classes in supply chain planning and design, and in mathematical modelling and analysis, as applied to manufacturing, supply chains and distribution systems. His primary research interests are in the design and planning of manufacturing systems and supply chains; recent efforts have considered supply-chain optimization, the evaluation of manufacturing flexibility and various tactical issues arising in e-retailing