Supply Chain & Procurement News

Cross-Functional Integration in an Engineer-to-Order Supply Chain


Engineering projects carried out in harsh environments require a reliable supply of spare parts. However, providing such a service is challenging when the demand for parts is intermittent and procurement practices lack cohesion. A thesis project completed by Sachin Shedge, a graduate of the MIT-Malaysia Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program, explored the… Read more »

A Change Responsive Approach to Designing Distribution Networks


It takes more than math to create the optimal design for a distribution network in emerging economies. External factors such as regional product demand, commercial real estate prices and transportation costs can change markedly over the three- to five-year planning horizon that is common for such projects. To arrive at the most efficient network design,… Read more »

Uber, Taxis and Transformations


The mobility revolution can serve societal goals better by aligning to local needs and urban planning requirements The past two decades have seen the face of telecommunication change beyond recognition. In the next two decades, we predict that mobility will likewise see transformation to a new avatar that will bear little resemblance to what we… Read more »

Improving Traceability for Better Supply Chain Performance


Many companies are striving to improve supply chain traceability in response to increasing demand from customers and government regulators for more information on product flows. But the ability to accurately track the movement of products also helps companies to raise the efficiency of supply chains. Researchers at the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI),… Read more »

A Decision-Making Tool for Designing Reverse Logistics Networks


The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) has initiated a research project to help enterprises design networks for reverse logistics operations that meet their organizational objectives. The project has three main goals: to identify the main factors that influence reverse channel network design decisions, to propose a framework for making these decisions, and to… Read more »

Paying Suppliers Faster Stimulates Economic Growth

In July 2014, US President Obama launched the SupplierPay Initiative in the USA. In a nutshell, the objective of the program is to have large companies pay their suppliers faster than the usual 30-90 day payment terms. This would free up supplier working capital and thereby enable these small and medium enterprises to reinvest this capital boosting the economy and job growth. Small businesses create about 60 percent of net new American jobs and therefore play a large role in stimulating job growth.

Malaysian Economic Outlook 2016 – Implications for Procurement & Supply Chain

I had the good fortune to be invited to last week’s briefing on the Bank Negara Annual Report for 2015 conducted by Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akthar Aziz, Governor of Bank Negara, and the Bank Negara leadership team. Gov. Zeti gave a succinct and clear explanation of the key elements of the report. I thought it worthwhile to highlight some of those points that are especially relevant to Procurement and Supply Chain leaders in Malaysia and the region.