Center for Sustainable Value Networks

The perishable value chains today are plagued by shortages of supply on one hand primarily due to rampant wastage and unmatched demand on the other contributing to hunger and malnutrition. Urbanization and globalization are prompting quality, safety and integrity concerns across the perishable value chains. Policy constraints, lack of infrastructure, misaligned incentives, unpredictable weather conditions, etc. are impediments that lead to severe underutilization of limited and perishable natural resources in the agricultural and perishable value chains. Poor business practices and pre post harvest management couples with asymmetry of information, illiteracy, lack of adoption of new tools and techniques among others, characterizes agribusiness. Thus, the overarching goal of the Center of Expertise for Perishable Value Networks (CSVN) is to identify and investigate chronic issues facing the perishable value chains with the objectives of


  • Increasing the overall efficiency
  • Guaranteeing security
  • Maintaining the integrity of the products
  • Reducing the continual leakage and wastage
  • Minimizing the loss of quality during transit and storage
  • Enhancing the reliability of supply
  • Improving accessibility and affordability
  • Facilitating equitable division of returns among various stakeholders
  • Enabling environmentally sustainable operations


Target Sectors for Research

Target Sectors for Perishable Value Chains Research


Research Themes

Perishable Value Chains Research Themes


Research Methodologies

Key methodologies to be deployed for conducting research include:
  • Mathematical Modeling & Optimization
  • Empirical Studies
  • Case Studies
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Systems Dynamics Modeling
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Other Qualitative & Quantitative Techniques

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