Responsible Retail

The past few years have witnessed a great deal of talk about the e-commerce revolution in retail and how it may transform the retail landscape in South East Asia. Behind this pervasive and vociferous issue, another revolution is quietly shaping up in the retail sector: conscious consumerism pushing for responsible retail.

There is a growing awareness among consumers—especially the millennials and their socially-and environmentally-conscious elder counterparts—about the downsides of rampart consumerism as well as the benefits of being conscious of their consumption. To our delight, we see businesses and policy makers taking action in response in Malaysia.

We notice more and more consumers shopping with reusable grocery bags, carry their reusable straws, and a small but growing number of consumers even bring their own containers to restaurants to pack takeaway and leftover meals. On the producer side, we see several individuals and non-profit organizations bring artworks of tribal artists for sales in pop-up stores in malls. Even several governments are pitching in – such as through the directives banning plastic straws in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Selangor, or initiating formal recycling programs.

We, as an academic institute of world-class pedigree, want to contribute to this revolution!

Our Third Annual Retail Conference will take a look at this growing revolution of responsible retail and conscious consumerism. Similar to the past two annual conferences, this conference will feature a collection of selected speakers, from Malaysia and abroad, who are not only knowledgeable about this revolution, but are also actively shaping it!

The conference will explore questions such as follows:

  • What “responsible retail” initiatives are being taken by various non-profit organizations
    and for-profit retailers in Malaysia and abroad?
  • How can we, as consumers and parents & grandparents of future generations of
    consumers, benefit from and contribute to this revolution?
  • How has and will this affect retailers? How can retailers actively participate in this
    revolution for the benefit of our society’s future?
  • How has and will this affect producers of consumer goods? How can they adapt to this
    strong force shaping our society?
  • What role can the government play? How can consumer groups, businesses, and
    governments collaborate to shape responsible retail?
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