Crafting a Supply Chain Strategy for Uncertain Future

11 May 16

MISI Webinar series continued on May 11th with the Topic “Crafting a Supply Chain Strategy for Uncertain Future”. The session presentation and Q&A was help by MISI Dr. Shardul Phadnis.

shardul“Thank you to those who attended the webinar. We realize that some of you were unable to register as the number of registrants reached the webinar capacity. We apologize for this inconvenience. Owing to the growing interest in the MISI Webinar Series, we have increased the capacity for the future events. We would also consider repeating the May webinar should there be interest from those who could not register”

“Crafting a Supply Chain Strategy for Uncertain Future”

Formulating a supply chain strategy often involves making decisions about investing in capital-intensive assets—such as, factories, distribution centers, IT systems, etc.—that have long implementation times and long lives. Predicting the future environment reasonably accurately in which these assets operate can be quite difficult. In this webinar, we describe a method developed and applied by the researchers in the MIT Global SCALE Network for formulating Supply Chain Strategy using Scenario Planning. MISI’s Director of Research, Dr. Shardul Phadnis – one of the creators of this approach – will present the method and illustrate it using its application to one company.

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