Procurement Fundamentals – Category Management



In this short course, you will be introduced to category management in procurement. Category Management builds on the basics of good procurement practices to help companies generate additional value from their procurement process. You will learn what category management is, whether it can be significant for your organization, the key factors in developing effective category management, an implementation approach, and then how to realize value for your company.

The course will consist of readings prior to the classes, lectures, case study discussions, and small team exercises to apply concepts learned in the course. If desired, small but relevant projects can be undertaken immediately after the course to further embed the learnings in the participants and their organizations.

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Program Content

Session Topic Description
Session 1 Definition – Definition
– Industry Examples
– Difference between Category management and “transactional-based” purchasing
Session 2 Approach and Methodology – Strategy behind Category Management

– From Buyer to Category Manager

– People Skills, Capability and Expertise:

– Converting Data to Information/Insights:

– Segmentation:

– Sustainable Transformation to Category Management

– Major causes of sub-optimal performance in Category Management

Session 3 Category Management: Applied Analytics – Spend & Portfolio Analysis

– Product Costing

– Contracts and Payments Analysis

– Market Analysis and Intelligence

– Quality & Reliability

– Supplier Management



Prof. Dr. David Gonsalvez
CEO & RectorDr. Gonsalvez is the CEO & Rector at MIT Global SCALE Network’s Malaysian Institute of Supply Chain Innovation.