Executive Development Program (EDP)

The  Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) delivers its cutting edge supply chain and logistics education and research to executives through a series of executive education programs. These sessions feature a comprehensive array of interactive lectures and discussion sessions led by distinguished thought leaders from academia and industry leading to certificates in various supply chain areas.

“If you’re going to come to our course, you’ve got to be ready to work because it’s not one of these things where you can sit back and hear folks pontificate. You’re going to be working while you’re here—and you’re going to get an awful lot out of it.”

James B. Rice, Jr., Deputy Director MIT CTL

MISI organizes public programs which are conducted at MISI’s campus. These programs are facilitated by MISI faculty members or visiting professors from MIT. The programs offered can be broadly categorized into the following:

  • Professional Courses on Strategic themes – Supply Chain Strategy, Supply Chain Dynamics etc.
  • Professional Courses on Tactical themes – Network Design, Demand Management etc.
  • Professional Courses on Operational themes – Inventory Models, Logistics Management etc.

In addition, MISI partners with organizations to provide CUSTOMIZED executive education experiences to individual enterprises and consortia. Custom courses give organizations the opportunity to direct intensive efforts at specific issues crucial to company goals, including business continuity strategy, scenario planning, and competitive alignment.

Among that companies that MISI has conducted customized programs are:


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