MISI Blended Master’s of Supply Chain Management Program (MSCMx)

In addition to the 10 month full-time Master of Supply Chain management (MSCM) program, MISI is now offering a Blended MSCM (MSCMx) Program. This program is for students who have successfully completed all five MITx on-line courses in Supply Chain Management and the comprehensive examination.

MSCMx Facts
  • Degree & Certification
    MSCMx students will receive the identical degree as full-time students in the regular MSCM program (Degree from MISI and certificate from MIT)
  • Credit Hour Waiver
    MSCMx students will receive 10 credit units (out of the 48 credit units required for the MSCM degree at MISI) for the 5 MITx courses they have taken on-line
  • MSCM Fees Discount
    MSCMx students will receive a 33% discount on the standard MSCM fees
  • Financial Aid
    MSCMx students will be eligible for financial aid (scholarships or deferred fees) similar to other MISI students
  • Active Career Placement Program
    MSCMx students can participate in MISI’s career placement program
Placement Facts

Course Work

MSCMx students will be required to complete another 38 credit units of course work at MISI in order to obtain their MSCM degree. This is in addition to the 10 credit units they obtain for their successful completion of the 5 MITx on-line courses.

12 of the 38 credit units will be for a thesis. 2 to 3 students may work together on a thesis which will be proposed and sponsored by a company. The thesis effort will run from November to May.

MSCMx students will be required to take courses on some weekends(Saturday and Sunday) at MISI as well as the week day courses along with the MSCM students in order to obtain the remaining 26 credits.

General Information

Program Start Date : Jan 5th or 6th 2021 (TBC)
Tuition Fee : MYR 65,493 (33% discount from standard fees)
Financing : Financial aid and loans for qualified students
Certificates : MSCMx graduates receive a master’s degree from MISI and a certificate from MIT