The MIT Malaysia Supply Chain Management (MSCM) program will include both ‘taught’ and ‘research’ components. Every effort is made to balance the topics and workload in each module to allow the students to learn supply chain management theory and practice in the most effective manner. Since the scope of supply chain management education is very broad, enough flexibility is built into the program to encourage students to learn according to their own goals. The MSCM program has FIVE broad themes that are covered by various modules of requirements to enable students to obtain practical knowledge and skills in an academically rigorous way. Below are the curriculum for the courses offered in this program. Changes may be made to the offerings based on latest development in those field and feedback from stakeholders.

The Foundation module covers a series of mandatory general topics that are considered prerequisites to learning supply chain management concepts. These topics are covered at the beginning of the MSCM program to ensure a common understanding among all students in basic quantitative and qualitative skills.