Standardised Test Scores


The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized, computer-based assessment. More than 5,400 programs offered by more than 1,500 universities and institutions in 83 countries use the GMAT exam as part of the selection criteria for their programs site.

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Created and administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) in 1949, the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test that is an admissions requirement for many graduate schools in the United States, in other English-speaking countries and for English-taught graduate and business programs world-wide.

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IELTS, or International English Language Testing System, is an international standardised test of English language proficiency. IELTS is accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and South African academic institutions, over 3,000 academic institutions in the United States, and various professional organisations.

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The Test Of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is a test of an individual’s ability to use and understand English in an academic setting designed and administered by Educational Testing Service. It has become an admission requirement for non-native English speakers at many English-speaking colleges and universities.

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