Academic Calendar

2017/2018 (Tentative) Activities 2018/2019
Aug 1st or 2nd 2017 Registration 2nd Week of Aug 2018
Sept 7th to 9th 2017 Team Building (OBS) 3rd Week of Aug 2018
Aug 13th to Sept 6th 2017 Foundation 3rd Week of Aug to 1st week of Sept 2018
Sept 11th to Oct 13th 2017 Fall (1st Half) Sept 2017 to Mid Oct 2018
Oct 23rd to Dec 15th 2017 Fall (2nd Half) Mid Oct 2017 to Mid Dec 2018
Jan 8th to Jan 26th 2018 IAP (@ MIT, Cambridge) Month of January 2019
Jan 29th to Feb 9th 2018 Thesis internship 1st week of Feb 2019
Feb 12th to May 30th 2018 Spring Feb through May 2019
May 28th 2018 MISI Research Fest Last Week of May
May 30th 2018 Convocation Last Week of May

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