PhD Winter Academy Admission

Applicants looking to attend the academy, will be required to submit the following:-

  • Current resume including academic degree with GPA information, brief list of the related courses taken (in the field of OR/IE/OM/Statistics), areas of research interest, specialization or competence, dissertation: the title and short description of thesis, relevant work experience.
  • One recommendation letter from a person capable of judging applicantĀ“s professional and/or academic promise (i.e., supervisor, professor).
  • Statement of interest for applying for the PhD Winter Academy. Applicants are required to explain their specific area of academic interest (research topic they want to work on), their research design and how their education has prepared them to be successful in this program. They will also need to explain what they hope to achieve in this Academy. The statement should be no longer than 500 words.

All applications MUST be sent to Dr. Javad Feizabadi, PhD Winter Academy Director at

Tuition Fees

There is a required tuition fee of RM 250 for international students. Participants are responsible for all travel, lodging and incidental expenses.

Admission due date : 8th January 2020 by 11: 59 PM Malaysia time