MDBC: Blockchain Explained & Practical Applications

Event Details

A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records that are linked and secured using cryptography. They are secure by design and have frequently been mentioned in the same sentence as cryptocurrency. Blockchain however, is suitable for more than just use with cryptocurrency and its potential is now being looked at across various sectors including uses in supply chain management and trade documentation.

Join us to learn more about Blockchain and the practical (local) applications.



Please note that this program may still be subject to change. Additional details will be uploaded to our website and included in the event reminder.
Part A) Introduction of fundamentals (“Blockchain 101”)
Part B) Cryptocurrencies and blockchain
Part C) In – depth presentations on practical implementations in various sectors, such as supply chain management, halal logistics, financial / banking, trade documentation (to be confirmed).
This event will conclude with a roundtable lunch session during which the participants can have further discussions with the speakers.