MISI Supply Chain Webinar Series – Supply Chain Transformation with Internet-of-Things (IoT)

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Date time : 15th February 2017 @ 3:00pm to 4:00pm (Malaysia Time)
Open to general public

Topic : Supply Chain Transformation with Internet-of-Things (IoT)
Around year 2006, the number of devices (e.g., laptops, GPS devices, fitness monitors, etc.) connected to the internet surpassed the human population. By most estimates, we are only at the beginning stage of the explosive growth in the number of electronic devices connected to the internet. It is widely believed that the Internet-of-Things—a world where billions of electronic devices can communicate with each other and take necessary actions—will revolutionize how we live and conduct business. This development will affect supply chains from their suppliers’ end, all the way to their customers. It will definitely change the way supply chains are managed. In this talk, Dr. Phadnis will describe the state-of-the-art of the internet-of-things and present findings from an active research program at MISI exploring the implications of the internet-of-things for managing supply chains. This talk will enlighten supply chain professionals in preparing for future.



Dr. Shardul Phadnis examines the design and adaptation of business models from the supply chain perspective. His research falls in the area of strategic decision making and long-range planning, and contributes to the scholarly domains of managerial cognition, dynamic capabilities, scenario planning, and supply chain strategy. Dr. Phadnis holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Systems from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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