Program Overview

Growth in both existing and new markets is challenging and important for business leaders and owners in any country. Local retail enterprises face organizational challenges in managing complicated supply chain streams, streamlining operations and defining a corporate identity that innovates and provides service excellence. Understanding retail supply chain management and how it affects a business, will help business leaders in overcoming these challenges. With this background in mind, the will allow retail enterprise leaders to learn key supply chain fundamentals that is important for their businesses to stay competitive. This program will also expose them to innovative practices and trends that are being employed in the retail sector globally.

Program Objective

Deliver core Supply Chain knowledge required for senior executives and business owners in the retail sector to make aligned decisions, integrate supply chain issues, and plan for improvements across linked functional areas in their business.

IPTS Certified Code: DU027(B)

All programmes conducted by MISI are eligble for HRDF claims, subject to prior application to HRDF by the employers/companies

Modules Offered

MISI Certification

Upon successful completion of the program participants will receive a certificate of completion from MISI.

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