Independent Activities Period – 2014

The Independent Activities Period (IAP) is a special term at MIT CTL where International students from all four MIT Global SCALE network centers gather at MIT from early January until the end of the month.

IAP provides students a unique opportunity to organize, sponsor and participate in a wide variety of activities, including how-to sessions, forums, lecture series, films, tours, recitals and contests.

During IAP, students are encouraged to set their own educational agendas, pursue independent projects, meet with faculty, or pursue many other options not possible during the semester. All MIT Global SCALE network students are encouraged to work in a team on Supply Chain Simulation and Projects.

In addition the IAP offers students the chance to showcase their Thesis Poster Presentations, attend interview sessions with prospective employers, network with MIT SCALE Alumni and learn something new about fellow students, colleagues, and friends.

With IAP, the possibilities are endless.

  • Research Expo
    Class of 2015
    • Controlling Order Variation to the Supplier in a Service Parts Environment

      Sanchit Aggarwal

    • Evaluating the Effect of Postponement On Inventory for an Apparel Company

      Soham Basu

    • Exploring Distribution Supply Chain Strategy in South East Asia with Focus on Facility Location

      Arun Bhardwaj

    • Transport Optimization for City Logistics of a 3PL in Vietnam

      Binh Do Huy

    • Customization in CPG Supply Chain

      Seong Hee Chae

    • Supply Chain Organizational Structure in a Design-To-Order Supply Chain

      Syed Muhammad Farhan

    • Biologics Supply Chain Revolution – Under the Promising Chinese Market And Government Policy Changing

      Yen-Chen Huang

    • Effectiveness in Responding to Disaster

      Abhay Khare

    • A Framework to Evaluate Cold Chain Service Providers in a Fragmented Market: a Case Study in China

      Prashant Kumar

    • A Framework for Customer Collaboration: Case Study in FMCG

      Hacı Ahmet Kurtaran

    • Inflight Demand Forecasting for Low Cost Carrier Airlines

      Daniel F.Liman

    • Innovation Strategies in Chemical Supply Chains – A Decision Support Framework and Strategy Alternatives

      Abhishek Mudholkar

    • Optimal Quality Assurance for Mass Production Apparel Industry

      James O’Connell

    • A Framework For Cold Chain Implementation – The Vegetable Value Chain Study

      Shekhar Raiwani

    • Demand Levelling: A Case Study From a Food Packaging Manufacturer

      Nitipum Silawanna

    • Managing Stock Availability in East Malaysia

      Tabiash Shandab

    • Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Tracking Model for APAC Region – Fashion Industry

      Aamil Raza Shakri

    • Supply Chain Organizational Structure to Support Business Growth

      Manish Sharma

    • Locating the Decoupling Point in Component-Board System Supply Chain

      Jen-Liang Wang

    • Evolution of Mega Suppliers in Automotive Industry’s Supply Chain – A Case Study of ZF in APAC

      Jiajun Wang