Independent Activities Period – 2015

The Independent Activities Period (IAP) is a special term at MIT CTL where International students from all four MIT Global SCALE network centers gather at MIT from early January until the end of the month.

IAP provides students a unique opportunity to organize, sponsor and participate in a wide variety of activities, including how-to sessions, forums, lecture series, films, tours, recitals and contests.

During IAP, students are encouraged to set their own educational agendas, pursue independent projects, meet with faculty, or pursue many other options not possible during the semester. All MIT Global SCALE network students are encouraged to work in a team on Supply Chain Simulation and Projects.

In addition the IAP offers students the chance to showcase their Thesis Poster Presentations, attend interview sessions with prospective employers, network with MIT SCALE Alumni and learn something new about fellow students, colleagues, and friends.

With IAP, the possibilities are endless.

  • Research Expo
    Class of 2015
    • Lead Logistics Provider (L.L.P) Implementation Method and Framework

      21 Jan. 2015, Cambridge, MA - The MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics presents its Global SCALE Network Research Expo 2015. Photo by Dominick Reuter
      Archit Anand

    • Transportation Modes of Biomass: Road vs. Rail

      Amine Ben Chikh El-Fagoun
      Amine Ben Chikh El-Fagoun

    • Balancing Inventory and Sourcing Strategies

      Yugansh & Bobbles
      1) Yugansh Sharma
      2) Nnamdi Onuorah

    • Selling Shampoo Online E-Commerce for FMCG

      IAP 2015 - Research Expo - MISI Students
      Abhishek Goel

    • Decision Framework for Distribution Center Location

      Abhijeet & Sumit
      1) Abhijeet Prakash
      2) Sumit Goyal

    • Supplying Small Shops in Big Cities

      Hazly & Sankey
      1) Mohd Hazly Abdullah
      2) Sankalimba Chibale

    • Reducing Cost Using Optimized Vehicle Routing

      Arvind Kothari & Aijalon
      1) Aijalon Chambers
      2) Arvind Kothari

    • Make or Buy in Infant Nutrition Industry

      Amit & Sunil
      1) Amit Kumar
      2) Sunil Kumar Injeti

    • Optimal Inventory Policies for Postponement

      Srini & Elmo
      1) Elmo Alfared
      2) Srinivasan Esakki

    • China E-commerce Operation Model Development

      1) Alex Armadas
      2) Charvi Mittal

    • Costs and Benefits of Order Flexibility

      Arun & Lim
      1) Arun Param
      2) Lim Da Chin

    • Efficiency vs. Agility in Food Industry

      Talisa & RK
      1) Karthik Ravirajan
      2) Talisa Tan Ling See

    • Chemical Supply Chains and Internet-of-Things

      IAP 2015 - Research Expo - MISI Students
      1) Milton Wu
      2) Rahul Ravi