IAP Experience: Hilmi Mohd Napiah

20 Feb 15

Hilmi Mohd Napiah
IAP Session

Finally!!! 1 week before IAP session in MIT started, i got a call from US Embassy approving my VISA application. 3 intense weeks with pack schedule and 128 students from around the world starting to loom in my mind. I hope this short article would help student especially part time student like to understand the scale and experience we could gain in IAP.

3 weeks in MIT was probably the best teacher to me in understanding the true meaning of communicating and networking. Apart from having world class industry speakers from Unilevers, BASF, Starbucks and many more, IAP offer much more than just giving supply chain theories and concept. IAP give student chance to experience the true global supply chain collaboration through the Fresh connection games, which requires students to apply knowledge learnt in class.

The best preparation that any student needs to do is to open up your mind and have fun in IAP. Take advantage of the environment to mingle and be connected to all the Scale network students and if you are lucky and eligble to join the IAP, take chance and participate.

And if you are unable to stand the cold weather, here is a route that you could take to avoid that bone chilling weather.

From the residence, that a right turn to Ames St and continue to Main St, on your left you will find a MIT building with a sign buidling no 400. Enter it and take the first door on your right, your will pass through MIT maintenance unit proceed until found a passage on your left. Go down the path and take the first right turn and proceeds until your reach room number E25-­‐111.

Hilmi Mohd Napiah


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