Industry Interaction

industry interaction

MISI would like to recognized as a meeting place when academics and industry professionals can meet to generate and share insights, ideas and knowledge. This interaction is nurtured through several initiatives as listed below:

Industry Lecture Series

MISI invites industry leaders to deliver a short lecture on any relevant topics that will benefit MISI students. Topics can be supply chain management related or general in nature, such as leadership topics.

Roundtable Forums

Roundtable forums are organized from time to time to allow for industry leaders and academics to converge and discuss a matter or issue that is of interest to all participating parties. The entire proceeding will be recorded and the outcome from the discussion might lead into a publication or a research initiative. Participation at the roundtable forums is by invitation only.

MISI Research Fest

Student from the MSCM program, who have undertaken thesis project, will be required to present their findings during the research fest. This event is beneficial to the industry as a lot of insights can be gained from the multi-disciplined projects presented by the student. This event is open to public. The research fest is usually held end of April every year.

Please check out the Upcoming Events calendar to register for the next Research Fest.

Distinguished Speaker Series

Under our center of expertise, MISI organizes several talks by leading authorities in their respective fields. This event is open to public.

To see upcoming talk events, please check out the Upcoming Events calendar.

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