Resource Upskilling

Resource Upskilling

Grooming internal talent and making sure the latest skill sets are acquired, is vital to ensure employees are able to sustain and drive competitiveness in any business in the long run.

MISI offers a host of education programs that companies can adopt to improve the skill sets of their internal talent.

Initiatives companies can explore include:

Sponsorship of employees into the MSCM program (Full-Time Masters program)
This approach is well suited for companies looking to undertake a transformation program or embark on a large-scale project. The employees sponsored into the program, can then lead the transformation or project at their respective companies. Through the course curriculum and peer / faculty interaction, the employee will gain vast insights that will prove to be valuable in taking his/her business to the next level. The duration of the program, which is 10 Months, ensure employees don’t lose touch of their work environment and are able to resume work seamlessly upon completion of the program. For Malaysia based companies, this is 100% HRDF claimable.

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Sponsorship of employees into the PSCM program (Part-Time Masters program)
If companies would like their employees to pursue the program on a part-time basis, they can opt for the PSCM program. The curriculum for both programs are the same. This is also 100% HRDF claimable for Malaysia based companies.

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Executive Education Programs (Public and Customized)
MISI executive development programs are short training courses that cover a wide range of pertinent supply chain topics which will be conducted throughout the year. MISI programs, which are highly interactive, embrace the Action Learning principles, where the course content will be delivered through the use of lectures, workshops, simulations, games, case studies, discussions, etc and will emphasize on practical application in real-life situations.

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To enquire about customized EDP program, please write to marketing department.

Hiring MISI Graduates
MISI’s Masters program, is an intensive program with a rich mix of leadership development, analytical training, and real-world problem solving techniques. The program not only prepares students to conceive, design, and operate complex systems, but also develops in them the ‘right-way-of-thinking’ in every situation. MISI graduates are a new kind of business leader, who complements the needs of companies, which are seeing the domain of supply chain management and logistics propelled to the forefront of corporate strategy driven by the forces of globalization.

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