MISI Master Trainers and P&G Smallholder Project Featured by RSPO Smallholder Training Academy

11 Dec 20

The RSPO Smallholder Training Academy an initiative of RSPO is focussed on empowering smallholders and improving sustainable livelihoods. The Academy aims to enable oil palm smallholders worldwide to move towards a sustainable livelihood by building their capacity and that of organisations supporting them. It provides access to high training, training guides and materials and has built a global Master Trainer Community.

MISI Field Officers, Danial Adha Zul, Nursaiyidah Md Yusof and Saifullah Azahar are the first batch of the RSPO Master Trainers from the RSPO Smallholder Academy. They have been featured by RSPO on their work with Independent Smallholders.

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