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Supply Chain Innovation Competition

The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) intends to offer Supply Chain Innovation Internships, which will be awarded to the winners of the Supply Chain Innovation Internship Competition. The competition will be judged by a jury consisting of external venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and the MISI Director of Research.

The Internship will Provide

  • a stipend of RM 100,000 (before tax) for the year
  • a “seed” fund of RM 20,000 to 50,000 for the year (as determined by the jury)
  • office space at MISI including internet access, utilities, reasonable telephone usage etc.
  • library access at MISI and MIT online
  • access to MISI faculty and occasionally to MIT SCALE faculty for consulting support

In return for the internship, the winners of such internships grant MISI 3% of the shares in any venture or company registered by the intern/team during the internship, and 3% of the revenues that result from any sale of technology, process, or service that is developed during the internship.

Internship Conditions

Interns may not take up other employment, or participate in other new startup/ventures during the internship period and must be dedicated to the startup linked to the internship.

Interns will be expected to work full-time (and more!) on building a startup company during their internship period. Normally, internships will last for one year but in exceptional circumstances may be renewed for an additional year.

Note: The startup company will be a separate company from MISI and MLIB. MLIB and MISI will not be liable for any actions or commitments on the part of the startup company.

The Competition

  • The competition will be held on May10th, 2019 at MISI.
  • The applicants will have 15 minutes to “pitch their ideas” and take questions from the panel. Contestants at remote locations may make their presentations via skype or webex.
  • The proposal should be in the area of supply chain management, logistics or procurement.
  • It will be judged by a jury consisting of venture capital fund managers, entrepreneurs and the MISI Director of Research.
  • The winners (if any) will be announced at MISI commencement on May 29th, 2019.

Who May Participate?

Current MISI students (MSCM & PSCM), MISI alumni, and MISI employees may participate either as individuals or teams (at least one member of the team must be a MISI student, alumnus, or employee). Students in other MIT Global SCALE Centers and also Asia School of Business may also participate.

How to Participate?

  • Submit your name, contact e-mail and tel. no, and the name of your proposal and a short descriptive paragraph by March 30th, 2019 to
  • Submit a brief write-up (max 3-5 pages MS Word document) and/or a presentation (max 10-15 pages Powerpoint) of your proposal by May 1st, 2019 to
  • You will be notified by May 6th , 2019 if your entry has been selected for the competition and if so the date and time for your presentation.

Any questions may be directed to

Please do not call MISI with queries


Congratulations 2018 Winners

Alexandria Victoria Gillon
(Asia School of Business) ASB
1st Runner Up

Charles N. Merineau
2nd Runner Up

Mamoru Yamaura
3rd Runner Up