Dr. Asad Ata

Associate Professor, Director of MISI Center for Sustainable Value Networks (CSVN)

Dr. Ata’s current research is based on optimization of large problems with flexible manufacturing capacity under uncertainty and emerging economies.

Dr. Javad Feizabadi

Associate Professor, Director of PhD Program and Winter Academy, Director of Mobility Center of Excellence (MCE)

Dr. Feizabidi’s research focus is on supply chain strategy, intersection between strategic management and supply chain management.

Dr. Debabrata Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ghosh's current research is based on modeling and analyzing sustainable supply chain initiatives of firms in emerging economies.

Prof. Dr. David Gonsalvez

CEO & Rector

Research projects include the integration of financial options in the purchasing process, the implication of broad societal trends for mobility and the automotive industry, and logistics clusters as instruments for growth.

Dr. Sabariah Jemali

Academic Registrar

Dr. Jemali’s research focuses on human capital development and framework in the supply chain industry with a focus on training needs for halal logistics.

Dr. Shardul Phadnis

Associate Professor, Director of Research

Dr. Phadnis examines design and adaptation of business models from a supply chain perspective, managerial cognition, and scenario planning.

Dr. Albert Tan

Associate Professor

Dr. Tan’s research includes reverse logistics operations and the use of information technology in third party logistics.


Dr. Mahender Singh

Former CEO & Rector MISI

Prof. Dr. V. Sumantran

Chairman of Celeris Technologies Distinguished Visiting Professor at IIT Madras