Executive Education Program (EEP)


The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) delivers its cutting edge supply chain and procurement education and research to executives through a series of Executive Education Program (EEP). MISI’s EEPs are customizable in-house programs offered to corporate partners.

The programs are highly interactive and connect theory with practice. Course content is delivered through the use of in-class lectures, workshops, on-line content, simulations, games, case studies and discussions, and emphasizes practical applications in real-life situations.

The programs cover a wide range of pertinent supply chain and procurement topics, led by an MISI faculty members and visiting professors from the MIT Global SCALE Network.

MISI’s EEP are well suited for mid-level professionals and above. The programs give companies the opportunity to direct intensive efforts at specific issues crucial to company goals.


Advantages of MISI’s EEP Programs

  • Up-to-Date Content – the program content includes relevant theories, tools, methodologies and case studies, and is updated to ensure the participants are given exposure to the latest trends and developments in the business environment
  • Application Based and Effective Knowledge Transfer – the program content is written up with working professionals in mind and imparts knowledge that can be applied to the work place. The program outline is designed to ensure the participants are able to get a good grasp of the program contents.
  • Customizable and Flexible – the programs are customizable to include contents relevant to the particular business or industry. MISI instructors can work with appointment subject matter experts to include industry relevant course content. The program schedule is also designed to minimize interruption to work
  • Highly Interactive – the programs includes a mixtures of in-class lectures, simulation exercises, on-line content, case-study discussions and project assignments that guarantees a highly interactive environment and effective peer-to-peer learning
  • International MIT Global SCALE Instructors – all program are taught by an international group of instructors from the MIT Global SCALE Network.


Programs Offered

MISI is currently offering the following EEP programs:-

  • Towards World Class Procurement. Learn More
  • Building Retail Supply Chain Excellence. Learn More
  • Using Scenario Planning for Strategic Decisions. Learn More
  • Global Supply Chain Innovation. Learn More


Other Topics That Can Be Offered

  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Network Design
  • Negotiation
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Supply Chain Finance

And others


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