Phd Winter Academy


PhD Winter Academy at The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) promises an intense period of learning, debating cutting edge theory, and discovering new research in operations and supply chain management.

The PhD Academy will have a group of distinguished professors from prestigious academic institutions taking part. Each of them will lead several sessions on topics in their respective areas of expertise. It is a great platform to meet doctoral students from different institutions and exchange ideas. Although we expect applicants to come from different institutions, countries and backgrounds, one thing you all have in common is excellence.


What is the PhD Winter Academy?

The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation’s PhD Winter Academy is designed for doctoral students from around the world who would like to keep abreast with the latest research and developments in the supply chain and operations management field. The Academy aims to be a meeting place where doctoral students will have the opportunity to meet with well-known professors in this field. The Academy also offers a great opportunity for students to meet and build a strong network with their peers and the professors.


Academy Objectives

The main objective of this Academy is to create a platform where doctoral students and junior faculty can meet with leading scholars from around the world to share, discuss and exchange ideas and knowledge on latest research and developments in the field of supply chain management and operations. Through such an exchange, the program aims to encourage the generation of new ideas and research efforts to advance the field of supply chain and operations.


Benefits of Attending the Academy

The Academy provides a great platform to:-

  • Attend lectures and get information on latest research in the field of supply chain and operations
  • Discuss and get feedback on research projects with leading scholars and peers
  • Meet and network with leading scholars and peers from academic institutions around the world
  • Explore research and other academic collaboration
  • Get assistance and guidance in developing an academic career
  • Escape from cold winter and enjoy sunny weather in Malaysia

Watch an introduction video by Dr Javad Feizabadi on the PhD Winter Academy.

Watch an overview video of the PhD Winter Academy with comments and reviews from professors and participants from the 2017 PhD Winter Academy